Auto magicians | bumper repair service in Mississauga

Bumper repair

Bumper repair

Auto Magicians specializes in bumper repair and bumper dent repair that saves you time and money! With our proven technique of colour matching and blending we can help you avoid the cost of painting entire panels providing you with a Guaranteed Seamless Repair.

Service details:

We’ll handle everything
Filing an insurance claim? Did someone hit your car? Are they paying cash? Do you need a tow truck? Trust us to take care of it all!

Quality Service
Our team of technicians, management and office personnel are experienced and highly skilled in their crafts

You’re in control
We offer full transparency. We don’t do anything without your approval first

Customer Service
We understand that having your car in shop can be stressful we want to make your experience as seamless as possible

Repair options
We want to offer you convenient solutions that fit your budget and expectations

Stop by, send us an email or call

Prices for our bumper repair service vary, so we encourage you to stop by for a free estimate or feel free to contact us through email or text!

What our customers are saying

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