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The Appearance specialists

At Auto Magicians we specialize in Auto body, paintless dent repair and bumper repair. We only use high quality products and provide a satisfaction guarantee on all repairs.
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Marco Garrido Auto Magicians Owner

Marco Garrido | Owner

Marco is an award winning master technician in PDR (Paintless dent repair) and has been working in the Auto body industry for over 15 years. He has defined the overall vision of Auto Magicians and prides himself on adapting and innovating and creating opportunities for growth. He believes in empowering consumers by offering more choices, more information, better service and more control in an industry that often gets a bad rap.

James Batista Auto Magicians Owner

James Batista | Owner

With Over 30 years of experience in Auto body as well as the automotive industry as a whole, James provides strategic leadership and oversees our technical operations. He is focused on building and maintaining our team and his hands-on approach means employees and customers can take advantage of his wealth of knowledge and expertise. James is an automotive painter by trade and car enthusiast at heart and is never without a project or plans for a new one.

Our Team

We are a team of skilled fabricators, body men, painters and administrators who have worked at some of the best shops in the GTA. We’ve done work for the movie and television industry, aviation, and car manufacturers. We’ve combined our individual skills to produce art on wheels and are never too cool to fix anything that gets you from A to B. Whether its small door dings or collision repair we take pride in our work and our facility and are dedicated to improving our skills and service.

Auto Magicians team

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